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Code of Ethics

Having been accepted into membership in the Mississippi Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers, we do hereby subscribe without reservation to the Association’s Code of Ethics.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics shall be to set and improve standards within the practice of providing home medical equipment and services. To maintain the ethical conduct and integrity of this Association, a member pledges to abide by the following:

  1. To render the highest level of care promptly and competently taking into account the health and safety of the patient.
  2. To serve all patients regardless of race, creed, national origin, or reason of illness.
  3. To provide quality home medical equipment and services, which are appropriate for the patients’ needs.
  4. To instruct the patients and/or caregivers in the proper use of the equipment.
  5. To always conduct business and personal affairs in an upright, honest, and ethical manner.
  6. To respect the confidential nature of the patients’ records and not to disclose such information without proper authorization, except as required by law.
  7. To continue to expand and improve professional knowledge and skills so as to provide patients with equipment and services which are current.
  8. To abide by both Federal and local laws and regulations which govern the home medical equipment industry.
  9. To avoid participating, directly or indirectly, with a source of patient referrals in a “captive referral arrangement”; whereby patients are directed to utilize a supplier of home medical equipment in derogation of the patients’ rights to select the suppliers of their choice.
  10. To act in good faith; to be honest, truthful, and fair to all concerned.